Monday, 18 November 2013

Tackle persistent 'Welcome to Mail' message after Mavericks upgrade


If you are upgrading to OS X Mavericks then various built-in applications will be updated so as to support the new features of operating system. Out of these applications, one is Apple’s Mail application which needs to be upgraded so that you can use its new features properly. After this, you can see a "Welcome to Mail" window which asks you to continue and download Mail messages or quit and perform this action later. If you don’t want this message to appear every time you open the program then you can go through this tutorial.



Perform the following steps: 
•Open Mail and click Continue when the welcome message pops up.
•Now, go to the programs preferences in the Mail menu.
•Choose “Accounts” section.
•By selecting your first account, uncheck “"Enable this account" in the "Account Information" tab. Repeat this for all accounts.
•Exit and Relaunch Mail.
•Finally, repeat this process but make sure to enable the accounts.

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