Monday, 18 November 2013

Five rules for trouble-free software updates


Are you facing trouble in updating your software? Then check out this tutorial for trouble-free software update. Now, get rid of this update fatigue.


1.Never rush for installing any new update as early adopters are highly prone to problems. Therefore, wait for others to install first and then go for it. For example, after releasing Windows RT 8.1, Microsoft has suspended the distribution of this update for ARM-based devices due to the problems aroused. 

2.Always set your applications and systems for automatic software update. For opening Windows update in Windows 7, click “Start” button, type “Update” and choose “Windows Update.” For Windows 8, you have to press the Windows key, type “update” and select "Windows Update settings" from the list. For changing settings in Windows 7, click “Change settings.” In Windows 8, select "Choose how updates get installed." To tackle the update problems, you can run Windows Update Troubleshooter.


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3.You can schedule updates for your leisure time using the Notification Center in Mavericks. Therefore, you can install updates as per your convenience by choosing "Download Updates, but Let Me Choose When to Install Them."

4.Don’t go for third-party updaters. It is better that your apps and system software will keep themselves up-to-date. 

5.You can take help from Windows Support site to fix issues of installing updates. The easiest way is to uninstall the program and reinstall the fresh one.

The additional tip for you is to uninstall those programs you don’t use. Instead of keeping unused programs, it is better to download and install its up-to-date version. 

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