Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sony Releases PlayStation 4 App on iPhone and Android

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is ready to set the floor very soon. Also, Android and iOS apps are released as an addition for this. Through this, you can use number of services present in PS4 as well as interact with the console.

Replacing the old PlayStation app, this app has completely changed UI which is redesigned to match with PS4. This time the feature set is based more on online and social content. You can access the full PlayStation from the app and buy games on the go. After buying the games, these games go to the console to let you play in your leisure time. This app also has built-in PSN chat for setting up online gaming sessions with friends.
There are certain games and apps on the PS4 that let you view second-screen content as well as interact with the game through your mobile device. In this, you can have game map, dialog window or some extra control options. In order to select games properly, game manuals and guides are also available in the app. You can use the app to launch things, change settings and input text. Therefore, you can access the PS4 even when you are not in the same room.
For both Android and iPhone, this app has same functionality. But, it is not improved for tablets on either platform. Although it will run on tablets yet it won’t look good. So, get ready to explore this adventurous journey of gaming world.
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