Thursday, 28 November 2013

LinkedIn Reveals Post-Acquisition Pulse Integration


LinkedIn is integrating the new web and mobile app called LinkedIn Pulse into desktop and mobile versions of the site. Let’s discuss it further.

LinkedIn Pulse have replaced LinkedIn Today and serving as a social newsreader app. For all Android and iOS users, they can sign into the Pulse application using their LinkedIn ID and password. After this, all the channels, influencers and other LinkedIn content will be synced automatically. In order to make this application catchier, user will be greeted by a refreshed user interface including new social interactions like commenting, liking and sharing. You can easily access it as it is situated at the top of the screen.
This collaboration of Pulse and LinkedIn technology offers more relevant news experience with customized content for your professional interests on both pulse app and Now, you can search better with faster autocomplete suggestions as well as "What's New" trending screen. For those with interest in green technology, real estate or business, they can create personalized lists to stay up to date with the latest news. It is the good step to make professional moment better.
This revamped Pulse app is available for download in the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play store. Moreover, you can check out the new Pulse experience on Pulse app collects news and information from 700 publishing partners. And, it provides the most relevant content to all its users.
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