Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Laptop Keyboard Not Working? Here's What To Do


Keyboard bad functioning can hamper your work a lot. Thus, you should know what to do in such situation.



1.By holding your laptop upside down, shake it well. Sometimes crumbs get stuck under the keys. Also, you can give the quick cleaning to the keys. Make sure to apply the cleaning liquid to the cloth and not directly to the keyboard.
2.Rebooting your laptop can resolve the problem. If you are not able to use the trackpad or mouse for rebooting then hold the power button for about 10-15 seconds. 
3.Driver problems can occur if you frequently install third-party software or turn off your device without using shut down command. For this, you can check the Device Manager on your laptop. In case, your keyboard line item shows yellow exclamation point next to it or if the keyboard icon is not showing up at all then download and install the latest drivers for the keyboard.
4.If nothing works then go for the desktop keyboard and plug it in using USB. Though it is not a very elegant way but at least you can finish your important work. 
5.Also, you can check the keyboard connection with the laptop’s motherboard. If you are an IT pro then you can easily do this. But, if not then go to the site like Furthermore, you can take your laptop to a professional. 
6.If your laptop is in warranty period then take it to a manufacturer’s tech support. You can also get your keyboard replaced. 
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