Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Get Organized: How to Clean Up Your Inbox


For maintaining your work productivity, you need to keep your inbox clean and organized. Thus, now it is time to renovate your Inbox. Here is the way how to do this.



1.Sweeping is a good way to manage your inbox. It means you are moving an entire bunch of emails to another. For this, you can set up new folders in your email program and name them by year, quarter or month. With this, you can get rid of those emails which you don’t want to handle immediately.

2.Compartmentalizing is another important thing for organizing your inbox. You can use different email accounts for different purposes. If you don’t want to create several accounts then you can do this by using folders and automated sorting.

3.Another option is to delete unnecessary emails. Scan the messages of your inbox and delete those which are not important. There is a service called SaneBox which can help you in scanning your inbox and push unimportant emails into a folder called “@SaneLater."

4.Also, you have to create a proper system to manage your inbox. Some rules of doing this:

•If any email is not required then delete it immediately. No need to store it as junk.
•If any email is highly important, revert back immediately or keep it in inbox as it is.
•If you get any email that doesn’t requires immediate action then move it to the folder by the end of the day.
•Try to give 10 to 20 minutes to your inbox on every Friday afternoon.
•Always look at the bottom of the inbox so as to ensure that nothing is left unread.
•The easiest long term solution is making habit of following the above rules. 

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