Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Internet Cookies for Fast Access to Websites

Internet Cookies for Fast Access to Websites
Have you heard the term Internet Cookies?? These ‘Cookies’ are stored on your computer. Sometimes you need to clean those citing the Internet security aspect, and sometimes, you need those desperately to speed up the web-access. Let’s discuss what Internet Cookies really are.
Files that store data on the user computer and server are known as Internet Cookies. This stored data can be used for fast access of data to save time. It is much easier than entering information about a website again. Basically, these cookies are stored by online shopping websites so as to keep track of your purchases and information entered. But, how these Internet Cookies function? The track followed by you to visit a webpage gets recorded on the particular Web server. Also, it checks which pages were visited more often than others by gathering cookies from your browser as well as keeps a track of your surfing.
Internet Cookies trace the information like computer’s operating system, browser that you are using, Internet connection and your IP address. Although cookies are safe yet, you can’t trust all the cookies that can track confidential information which you share on net.
You can classify cookies in two types:
  1. Session Cookies: These cookies remain alive till an individual stay on a particular website. Once that particular website is closed, the cookies associated with it are deleted automatically. Session cookies enable you to surf easily by accumulating information about each page you have visited.
  2. Persistent cookies: These cookies get stored on PC or device. And, every time you visit a website, the cookies saved earlier help you to retrieve the information in a quick and easy manner. However, browser contains settings through which you can fix the amount of time you want persistent cookies to be stored on your PC.

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