Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Apple iOS 7

Apple iOS 7: Advanced Yet Simple

This era is full of new gadgets with newer technologies. Established vendors like Apple, Samsung, and HTC are putting serious efforts to proffer something advanced to their users. With this perspective, Apple has developed new iOS 7, a mobile OS, for making mobile technology simpler. iOS 7 is something which is designed to work beautifully. Techvedic is at your service with this latest news about Apple’s new iOS 7.
With a vision to make the OS clutter-free, Apple is offering you right things at right place. The entire interface is designed to look unobtrusive without any unnecessary bars and buttons. Also, they have removed all the elements which were not required by focusing on your content-consumption habit. Coming to its features, it has Control Center, AirDrop, and many others, especially to ease multitasking. There are many apps which will look different but you can use them in a familiar way. Now, it is easy for you to use the most advanced iOS with a complete new perspective.
Control Center allows you to access those apps quickly which you mostly use by just swipe-up from the screen. Swipe the screen and switch to Airplane mode, turn Wi-Fi on or off as well as adjust the brightness of display. Performing task quickly is the most striking feature of this new OS. Turn on Do Not Disturb is just a click away. Furthermore, play, pause or skip a song more conveniently. Get connected to AirPlay-enabled devices easily along with accessing your flashlight, timer, calculator, and camera.
Notification Center is the sort of alert which lets you manage all your stuff. It informs you about new mail, missed calls and to-dos. Also, the amazing new feature ‘Today’ brings summary about the whole day. Hence, there is no chance of forgetting someone’s birthday, umbrella, etc.
Multitasking has remained the USP of the brand. And, in iOS 7 it is even smarter. This OS learns which apps you use, and when, and update content accordingly. For example, if you check your app at 10:00 am daily then iOS 7 will be ready with the feed. This is what multitasking is all about. Your OS knows what you want before you ask for. With all shooting formats like video, panorama and square, Camera in iOS 7 is simply awesome. Want to capture something? Then just swipe and you can capture the way you want.
Photo library is organised with smart grouping of photos and videos as per date and place. AirDrop is an excellent way for sharing photos, videos and contacts quickly. Enhancement to Safari, iTunes Radio, Siri, etc. would also be worth noticing.
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