Thursday, 21 November 2013

How to edit GIFs without resorting to Photoshop?


Have you heard about GIF? It is a language of modern memorific web. But, sometimes you need to change it little before it is ready for primetime in an email or on Tumblr. 


You can find number of programs and apps that can be used to create your own giffy goodness. For fixing pre-existing gif, is the solution. This site lets you crop, resize, optimize and fix a GIF without purchasing any software.
At the top of the site’s page, you can choose which tool you want to use. Then upload the file from your computer or directly from an existing URL.
Caution: While using the cropping function, you can get unclear about how to proceed after uploading a file. But, it is simpler from there.
Firstly, press “set” button. After this, you can see a small box in the corner of the image. The box which you are using to make your crop’s perimeter, reveal it by clicking and dragging it.
Hit the “Crop it” button when you will find the perfect crop. EZgif take the process further and it takes few minutes depending on the size of your GIF. In order to manipulate the image further, you can click any of the options available at the bottom of the screen. And, by hitting the green “save” button you can download it.
Below your scaling window, you can see the pull-down menu including two options Gifsicle and ImageMagick. As it processes the GIF, every EZgif function has several engines for this.
“GIF Resize” option lets you resize your GiF. “GIF Optimizer” option enables you to shave down some of the data size of your gif by using pre-calibrated optimization methods. Last but not the least, “GIF Split” option can separate the gif into all its component slides.
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