Monday, 25 November 2013

Add a full OS X Terminal to Google Chrome


If you are a Chrome user and want to get full-fledged terminal right in your browser then we can help you.


There is a Terminal plug-in in Google through which you can get access to the BSD command line interface within the browser and this provide you full access to the system. For installing it, go to “DevTools Terminal application” page within Chrome and click the given link to install the terminal add-on. After the installation task gets completed, it will appear as an app which you can click to load. The current tab gets converted into a Terminal window giving you the familiar command prompt in your home directory.

Similarly like other apps of Chrome, you can customize this app by right-clicking on it. Also, you can choose to open it as a regular tab or as a pinned tab or in full screen. For example, you are performing some task in Terminal and want to look the instructions to perform some command. Then create a new tab and browse the web for instructions. After this, you can go back to Terminal to complete the task.
As your Mac’s Terminal app supports tabs and multiple windows thus, the DevTools Terminal may seem redundant. However, for any other important application it may prove helpful so as to double-up the functionality. Having multiple Terminals make it easy for you to perform commands if one is not working.
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