Thursday, 10 October 2013

Your Twitter account has been hacked! what to do now


If someone else is sending tweets and DMs using your name then it means your twitter account is in danger. Well, what to do now? No need to panic as we are here with the solution.



Firstly, try to log onto your Twitter account. If you can do so then change your password immediately. It will stop the Twitter thief from tracking your account. For this, click the tool icon in the upper-right corner and select “Settings.” Then click “Password” on the left pane and enter old as well as new passwords. Make sure your new password should be strong. 
In case, you can’t log in or change your password then go to your Twitter’s customer service and submit a Support request. After getting your account back, send out a tweet apologizing to your followers. And, delete all those tweets which you didn’t send. Also, block all the third-party apps from accessing your account. For this, click “Apps” on the Settings page’s left panel and click “Revoke access” for every application. 
For further protection, setup Login verification:
1.Click “Mobile” on the left pane.
2.Click “add a phone” link. Enter your cell number and click “Activate” phone. Follow the resulting directions. 
3.Look at the phone options and uncheck any that may attack your privacy or become annoying. 
4.Click “Save” changes.
5.Click “Account” on the left panel.
6.Scroll to the bottom and, in the Login verification section, select “Send login verification requests” to your phone number. They will send you a test message and you need to respond back.
Talking about those apps, go back to the Apps section and click “Undo Revoke Access” buttons for each app. Furthermore, change your password for those apps which are available on your tablet and phone. 
Using Login verification is a bit complicated task. For this:
1.On your PC, go to Twitter's Settings page, return to the Password section and click the “Generate” button. A numeric code will appear on the screen.
2.On your mobile device, launch your Twitter app and change the password. This time enter the numeric code displayed on your screen instead of entering the old and new password.
With the above mentioned ways, you can keep your Twitter account safe. For more from the XpertCrewTM team, please follow us on Twitter @Techvedic or contact Techvedic’s computer support helpdesk, as per below contact-details:
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