Friday, 18 October 2013

How to Silence Your Noisy Computer?


If your computer is generating too much heat and noise then you are at the right place. Here we are going to tell you some ways to keep your computer cool. 

Noisy Computer


1.Computer, similar to other electronic devices, heats up when it is in use. While working, its processor, graphics card, motherboard, and power supply get hotter. Thus, you need a cooling system to make it cooler. For this, use large metal heatsinks to direct the heat away from those components and then blow that air out of your computer using fans. Always use good quality cooling system to improve the cooling of your computer.
2.The next important thing is to clean your computer timely and keep it dust free. Gathering of dust on fans and heatsinks also makes your computer hotter while running. 
3.Sometimes the CPU cooler and fan comes with your computer are super loud. Therefore, it is better to buy another cooler from market. High-quality heatsinks and fans are available in the market.
4.Number of fans you choose depends upon the case you have. If you have mid tower computer case with two fan slots in the front, and one in the back then you will take front fans as intakes and back fan as exhaust.
5.Fan controller is also must. It will help you in adjusting the fan speed by fitting in one of your computer's drive bays.
6.There are some products you can try:
•Silicone Fan Fasteners to tighten the fans between the case and housing. It will prevent extra noise.
•Hard Drive Enclosures like SilenX Luxurae or the Smart Drive can be used for keeping your hard drive quiet.
•Acoustic Foam can be applied to the insides of your case to keep the noise level down.
•Dust Filters are very helpful in preventing dust from entering your case.
7.Lastly, go for quality hardware always. 
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