Tuesday, 29 October 2013

How to move photos across Facebook photo albums?


If you have too many photos then dumping all photos in one folder doesn’t make any sense. Thus, it is better to create multiple albums to categorize all photos. But, what about those photos which you have already uploaded and dumped in one folder? Well, if you are thinking that you have to delete all those photos to categorize it again then you are wrong. There is another option available.



With this, you can move photos from one Facebook photo album to another. Also, you can find this option in Google Plus as well. For this, go to the album from which the photos are to be moved out. On clicking any photo, go to the bottom of that photo and you will find “Options.” Click on “Options” and you will get multiple options. Out of those, choose “Move To Other Album.” You can click on this and in the pop-up window choose the right photo album where you want to move that photo. In case, you don’t have any albums created then you can create a new album right from the pop-up.
That’s all you need to do. Your photos will be moved to the new album along with your photo likes and comments. Be careful while moving photos from a protected or restricted photo album. For more from the XpertCrewTM team, please follow us on Twitter @Techvedic or contact Techvedic’s computer support helpdesk, as per below contact-details:
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