Tuesday, 29 October 2013

How to access Webpage while watching YouTube?


While watching a YouTube video, there is a common problem which you might have faced. The problem is you can’t view any of the page content during this. If you do so then YouTube video gets hidden and you can only here the voice. Basically, you can’t do multitasking with this. Well, this tutorial can help you in accessing webpage while watching YouTube.


If you are a Galaxy Android phone user then you can find a feature through which you can minimize the video screen size while watching video. By doing so, video that is playing in the small window comes on top of other activities you do on the phone. Now, you can easily move this small video window anywhere on the screen. But, this would be more helpful in terms of YouTube video.
For resolving this issue, there is an app on Google Chrome Store called “The Key for YouTube.” After installing this app, you can browse as well as watch video content online. You will find a “Get” button at the bottom of YouTube video to download the video you are watching. With this app, you can explore content discovery features; you can browse the comments on the video without scrolling to the bottom, browse new video and comments, view animated thumbnails for new videos and also download the video of different format.
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