Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Enable Hidden Secret “Stacked Tabs” Feature in Google Chrome


If you have used both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome then you must have noticed a difference. In Google Chrome, when you open various tabs then browser starts shrinking the tabs and after one stage you can only view a cross(x) button. This is really irritating as you need to open each tab for getting your desired tab. But, Mozilla Firefox does not shrink the tabs to that much extent. Instead, they shrink it to a limited size and after that it starts stacking new tabs to the right. If you want this feature in Google Chrome web browser also then this tutorial can help you.

Stacked Tabs-1


With this, you can enable the hidden feature “Stacked Tabs” in Google Chrome. As this feature is not enabled by default thus, you need to enable it.

Stacked Tabs-2

Check out the following simple steps:

1.Firstly, type “chrome://flags/” in Google Chrome address bar and press “Enter.” An advanced configuration page gets open.
2.Press "Ctrl+F" keys together to launch find box and type following in the find box:
Stacked Tabs
It'll highlight an option with the same name.
Stacked Tabs Windows
Tabs never shrink, instead they stack on top of each other when there is not enough space. #stacked-tab-strip

Stacked Tabs-3

3.Click on the "Enable" link given below the option.

4.At the end click on "Relaunch Now" button and now Google Chrome have the secret stacked tabs feature similar to Mozilla Firefox web browser.
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