Monday, 21 October 2013

12 Back-to-School Cyber-Security Tips


Laptops are must for college students. They use it for several tasks like taking notes, study on the go, etc. Being a student have you ever thought about your cyber-security? Well, if you have answered no then think now. Student life is full of risks in terms of safety and security. Staying in hostel with number of other friends poses threat to your online security. You can’t trust your roommates blindly. 

Cyber-Security Tips


Here are some tips for students to stay safe:
1.If you are leaving your laptop alone then don’t forget to lock it down. By wrapping the cable around something massive, insert the lock into the device and then turn the key or twist the combination.
2.The most important thing is to password-protect your user account as well as disable the guest account if it is enabled. Also, press Windows+L to lock your computer when you are going away from it.
3.If you have an email address then set the email client to ask for password every time. Otherwise, anyone can read or send emails by logging into your account in your absence.
4.As a student, you must connect with many sites using a password each time. Thus, use password manager utility to manage your passwords as well as change any weak passwords. 
5.Don’t share your password or login credentials with friends. 
6.Always configure your social media accounts to limit your privacy up to your friends. 
7.Keep your laptop malware free by updating free antivirus. 
8.If you are getting emails with lucrative offers then do not believe all of them. Scammers are ready to fool you with such phishing messages.
9.Virtual Private Network is the best tool to protect your connection so that you can surf worry-free.
10.For further protection, go for anti-theft software.
11.Lock your smartphone using PIN, swipe code, facial recognition or any other security guard.
12.If you love to party hard then don’t take your expensive smartphone there. Instead, lock away your smartphone and take a cheap one.
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