Friday, 20 September 2013

Mozilla to Remove Several Unnecessary Options from Firefox Preferences Window

There are certain options which Mozilla will remove permanently from Firefox. According to Alex Limi, product designer at Mozilla, there are many options present in Firefox which are almost useless for users. Well, in this tutorial we are going to discuss all the options.
Load Images Automatically and Enable JavaScript Options

Load Images

Load Images Automatically and Enable JavaScript Options

For the time being, you can find these two options in Content tab. But, Mozilla has decided to remove them as they can break several webpages if turns off.
Override Firefox Cache Space Management

Load Images -2

Go to "Advanced -> Network" tab of Firefox preferences window. Mozilla will remove this option as restricting the cache space may slow down the browser.
SSL and TLS Protocols and Certificate Manager

Load Images -3

It is found in "Advanced -> Encryption" tab of Firefox preferences window. These options will be removed as turning off SSL and TLS protocols might break many websites such as Gmail, etc. 

Turn off Navigation Toolbar

Load Images -4

This can be found by right-clicking on Firefox titlebar or tab bar. Also, you can go to Firefox button -> Options. Additionally, you have another method of Firefox menubar -> View -> Toolbars. In case, you uncheck the option then the navigation toolbar will be removed from Firefox window. Thus, it is better to remove this option.

Always Show Tab Bar

Load Images -5

This option is present in "Tabs" tab of Firefox preferences window. But, now this is going to be removed.
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