Friday, 20 September 2013

5 Tips to Customize “File Save” Page in Microsoft Office Applications

We all use Office applications for creating word documents, presentations, slides, etc. Microsoft is updating its Office applications day by day so as to improve its functionality. Let’s go through this tutorial to tweak and customize the file save page in Office applications.
STEP 1: Open any Office program such as Microsoft Word and go to its “Options” window. Click on Office ORB or FILE menu present in the ribbon and then click on Options.
STEP 2: It'll open Options window. Now click on "Save" tab and you'll see various options to change and customize file open and save dialog box functionality.

File Save

For customizing these options, we are suggesting some steps:

1.To save new documents, you can change the default file format. With this, you can set it to a previous Office version format for compatibility purposes or you can set it to a webpage format.
2.Also, you can change the Auto Recover file creation time. It is set to 10 minutes by default. You can decrease this time so as to allow Office to save your data quickly.
3.In case, you don’t use SkyDrive account then you can disable new File Save Page and get the classic Windows dialog box back. This you can do by enabling "Don't show the Backstage when opening or saving files" option.
4.For removing SkyDrive option from the pages, disable "Show additional places for saving, even if sign-in may be required" option.

File Save-2

5.Further, you can change the default File save location. For this, select your desired drive or folder using browse button given in "Default local file location" option.
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