Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Spam Filtering


Outlook’s junk mail filters are not enough for getting rid of spams. It is really appreciating if you can block spam, phishing, and malware infected messages. Thus, this tutorial will help you.

Spam Filtering-1

1.It is very important to get help from the senior management. By finding someone in the IT management team who can help you in spam filtering, you can take your project further.
2.You can handle spam filtering both at your edge and in the cloud. In case, you want instant access then go for on-premise solution. Otherwise cloud-based solution can save time, money and will require no storage from you.
3.Also, there are number of business partners, customers and others which you don’t want to filter. Thus, you need to find out the important email domains and addresses that you will need to whitelist.
4.Make sure to choose such a solution which can plug into your existing system with minimum changes. All you need to adjust is SMTP connectors and MX records.
5.It should also be decided that whether you want Helpdesk or email admins to handle the checking of spam trap or this task should be done by your users themselves.
6.In case, you have more than one email domain then consider testing with the one which has fewer users.
7.If you are going to choose user self-service for checking and releasing quarantine mail then let your users know this in advance.
8.Lastly, plan your production cutover in weekend. 
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