Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Push your PC's productivity with better, faster gear


Make your PC more productive by updating your USB ports with an external dock or you can go or speedier storage. This tutorial is going to help you for enhancing the performance of your PC.

1. With a USB-based docking station, you can expand the number of peripherals that you can add using a single port. As USB 3.0 is speedier than USB 2.0 thus, go for a dock that works with USB 3.0. Also, advanced docks incorporate technology to power one or two external monitors through USB. Further, you should also upgrade your ageing desktop so as to make your PC performance faster.

2. A solid-state drive is much faster than old-fashioned hard disks. By upgrading to SSDs, you can speed up everything your PC does. In case, you are a budget concern person then you should invest in a solid-state hybrid drive as it offers you SSD like performance and ample storage space.

3. Furthermore, you can use large-capacity HDDs for direct storage. For laptop users, installing an additional 3.5-inch HDD is not possible. Thus, they can go for extra storage using an external chassis. 

4. Peripherals that can be paired with USB-based wireless dongles proffers better battery life as well as more consistent and responsive performance over Bluetooth ones. There are many wireless input devices which work through batteries.

 5.   Apart from Wireless, wired Ethernet networking can also be chosen due to its reliability and throughput. It is not at all susceptible to interference from neighboring Wi-Fi networks. The most important feature is it is reasonable.

Therefore, go for the above techniques to make your PC work faster. For more from the XpertCrewTM team, please follow us on Twitter @Techvedic or contact Techvedic’s computer support helpdesk, as per below contact-details:

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