Tuesday, 6 August 2013

How to put your DVD library in the cloud?


Do you have a collection of movies in your DVD? Then it’s time to put your DVD library in the cloud. After converting your movie library to digital files, you can store those files on a server and stream them anytime, from anywhere. Well, a DVD to digital conversion will cost you a few bucks. But, you can accomplish the same thing by yourself.


Get ripping

For converting your DVD into digital file, you need to rip it from the disc. While ripping, you should copy the content of a DVD to your computer and then convert that content into a cloud-friendly format. For this, you need DVD-ripping utility that can remove the Content Scrambling System (CSS). You can purchase the commercial ripper like DVDFab DVD Ripper ($50) or WinX DVD Ripper Platinum ($40). But, you also have free option of using HandBrake. It can also convert DVDs to digital form. After the installation of this program, you get the file called libdvdcss-2.dll. You need to download the file and copy it to the folder where you have installed HandBrake. Now, you can move your movies to digital storage. Load up the HandBrake and insert one of your DVDs into the PC. After this, click the “Source” button and choose the location of your disc. 

The Source field contains the name of the movie as well as the Title field will list something with a runtime that matches the movie’s length. If you find the runtime too short then open the “Title” drop-down menu and find the entry that has an appropriately movie-length runtime. Select “Browse”, and choose a destination and filename for the video file you’re about to create. Eventually, choose preset for conversion. If you want to watch movies on any medium then go for “Universal”. Otherwise for mobile devices, select the formatting option that matches what you have.

Get Streaming

After completing the ripping step, you have options to upload everything to a remote-storage service like Dropbox or SugarSync so as to stream movies on demand from anywhere. For using a cloud service, you should have a built-in remote backup of your movie library. However, by making a free account on Dropbox or SugarSync allows you to use only few gigabytes of space. Thus, for large storage you can pay a monthly fee. Program like Plex includes all of the media on your PC and you can stream it easily to mobile or other connected devices. The disadvantage is you need to leave your PC running 24/7 so that you can access your media library. Firstly, Plex scans the content of your ripped movie files. By right-clicking the Plex icon available in your System Tray, you can go to “Media Manager”. From My Library Section, click the plus sign, choose “Movies”, and then add the appropriate folder.

As the scanning is going on, you can visit Roku’s site to add the Plex channel. In a new Samsung TV, an Xbox 360, a PlayStation 3, or a Google TV box, you will find a Plex channel. Now, just turn on the TV and flip to Plex channel. You can easily access all of your movies.

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