Monday, 12 August 2013

How to create audiobooks in iTunes?


Digital audiobooks can be purchased online including Audible, eMusic, and iTunes. iTunes keeps audiobooks separate from your music library so as to make them easier to find. Also, it allows you to adjust the playback speed of the file as well as resume from the previously played chapter where it left. Just by tuning few settings, you can ready your iTunes and iPod to recognize any audio file or group of audio files as an audiobook.

For creating an audiobook file in iTunes, import the audio you want to use. Wherever it is, drag and drop the audio into iTunes or import using iTunes “Add file to Library” or “Add folder to Library” commands, available in the iTunes File menu.
Find and select the imported files by clicking on the first file, holding down the shift key and clicking on the last file. With the selection, go to iTunes File menu and select “Get Info.” In the “Options tab” of the “Get Info window”, change the Media Kind to Audiobook. Also, change the "Remember position" setting to Yes.
Then click over to the Info tab and enter in any relevant information you want to include about the audiobook and any cover artwork. By entering the book title in the Google image search, you can find and drag the image directly from the browser into the iTunes artwork field. Click “OK.”
If you are not seeing an Audiobook library then open up your iTunes preferences in the Edit menu and check off the selection for Audiobooks in the General tab and hit “OK.” On double-clicking the book, you can reveal the list of audio files.
For playing files sequentially, make sure to keep them in correct order when sorting by name. After setting them in a sequence, connect your iPod and sync it over. Your audiobooks won’t appear in your iPod’s music library. But, it will found in a separate Audiobooks folder within the Music menu.
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