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Everyone's Trying to Track What You Do on the Web: Here's How to Stop Them


Want to keep your information safe and secure while surfing web? Then let’s explore the solution with this tutorial.


Your private information is more valuable than you think. There are several companies which work to collect data about people, their demographics, income, and habits. After this, they convince you to buy the products. Whether you get any coupon in your mailbox or a new daily deal site offering you lucrative offers, both sounds very interesting. But, in return it asks you for your personal information like age, income, family, medical history, your birthday, etc.

How to Stop Trackers from Following Where you’re Browsing with Chrome?

You can find tons of tools as well as add-ons to stop the tracker from following you. With these tools, you can discover which sites are powerful in transmitting data and sites tracking your activity.

Adblock Plus – For extra protection, just click to install the Antisocial subscription for AdBlock. Well, this can help you banish social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ from transmitting your data.

Ghostery – It can block invisible tracking cookies as well as plug-ins on many websites so as to stop your personal information from getting public.

ScriptNo for Chrome- It is like Ghostery but with a little difference. ScriptNo will alert you about everything. Its intuitive interface allows you to choose which scripts on a page you want to block.

Do Not Track Plus – It will restrict the third-party exchanges and no information is sent until you choose to click one.

How to Stop Trackers from Following Where You're Browsing with Firefox?

There are many essential privacy extensions for Firefox from the same developers as above:
Adblock Plus- It is as essential as in Chrome. It provides Antisocial subscription to remove annoying ads from the sites you love, retain the ones that don't bother you, as well as stop ads and plug-ins from sending your data without your consent.

Ghostery- It gives you the information regarding scripts, cookies, and trackers under every site you visit.

Do Not Track Plus – It works in similar manner as in Chrome.
NoScript- It is great to provide information about what's happening behind the scenes on any site that you visit.

Priv3- It also protects you from third-party cookies set by Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn
How to Stop Trackers from Following Where You're Browsing with Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera?

In case you are using Safari, IE, or Opera then also you have Do Not Track Plus for Safari and IE as well as there is a special build of AdBlock for Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. NotScripts for Opera is same as NoScript or ScriptNo.

Mobile Browsing

For Mobile browsers also, Firefox for Android, Atomic Web Browser, and Dolphin Browser for both iOS and Android are available. We prefer Dolphin as the best Android browser and Atomic is our favorite for iOS.

Extreme Measures

Other than all the above measures, you can use separate browsing site for social networks and another browser for sensitive browsing like internet shopping, banking, and other personal activities. Also, if you are tired of these companies tracking your personal information then you can skip by just providing false data.

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