Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Secure or delete saved passwords in Firefox


You can easily manage passwords in Firefox as compare to Google Chrome. In Firefox, you have the option of delete the saved password. The option of master password to protect the sensitive data is available in Firefox.


Let’s see how to add a master password and manage your saved passwords:

1. Click at the main Firefox menu at the top left-hand corner and choose “Options.” In the pop-up menu, select “Options.” In case, you don’t have a master password set for Firefox’s sensitive data storage you need to consider adding one now.

2. Click “Saved Passwords” button and enter your master password if you have one. For viewing a password for a Web site, click the “Show passwords” button. Again, you need to enter the master password.

3. By right-clicking on a Web site entry, you can copy the username or password. This is useful if you are using another Web browser in addition to Firefox, or you just want to add it to another backup utility without typing it by yourself.

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