Thursday, 23 July 2015

Techvedic Tech Support Services – A New Step to Business Success

According to a Ruby Newell-Legner Survey just 4 percent of dissatisfied customers revert to a brand to express their concerns or sense of dissatisfaction. Rest? Where do they go? 91 percent never return for any kind of repeat business or service and 96 per cent don’t prefer to kill their times in venting out their anger. Hence, business success is not just a matter of better marketing, better lead generation, more conversion rates and more customers, rather it’s also about how businesses are managing the experience of their customers in the long run. To help businesses improve the customer-experience index and stay ahead of the rivals, Techvedic has Introduced Pro Technology Support program. In this, the company is offering technical support services to consumers on the behalf of the technology partner.

Techvedic’s initiative should not surprise anyone, the brand has been offering technical support services since 2009 with the launch of Windows 7. Techvedic currency serves its customers across the US, the UK, Canada and Australia. 

"Techvedic Tech Support Services - A New Step for Business Success,"

The context needs a brief contemplation and discussion as how it can help partners to differentiate them into the crowded marketplace with customer service.

Techvedic’s technical support services fall into the following broad categories: 

  • Set up and installation – Experts help on-boarding or existing customers to get started with the technology products or services in a quick and easy manner. Experts can hook up, set up, install, configure and network desktops, laptops, printers, routers, gaming consoles, and other computing or communication devices as per the interest of consumers.
  • Update and upgrade – Experts can help consumers to keep their operating system, application software and internet enabled services updated. They also help consumers to upgrade their computers and other devices to match with their growing demands.
  • Diagnosis and repair – Experts can also diagnose and fix hardware and software problems that ruin the performance of the software and hardware.
  • Security and optimization – Experts can help consumers to keep their systems protected against viruses, spyware and malware that not just jeopardize the sensitive financial and personal.
  • Backup and recovery – Diligent consumers can make use of these data protection services to combat any unfortunate incident of data loss or damage. Experts not just provide remedy for the lost data but also suggest ideal backup solutions based on the end-consumer's demand. 

Technology support services anchored and offered by experienced staffs help businesses to improve the customer experience, and have better brand value. This also helps them to combat unnecessary warranty claims that exhort extra burden on businesses.  Initially the post-sales customer service may sound as an extra investment, but it pays off in the long run. Businesses that don’t ignore the worth of post-sales customer service reap huge advantage as per a latest industry survey such businesses improve their chance of success by six folds against their counterparts how take it casually. Brands can opt for different packages based on their consumer-segments and their respective priorities.


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