Monday, 11 August 2014

How to Show Day and Month Names in System Tray Date in Windows 7

Windows 7 shows both date as well as time in system tray because of the new superbar.

Did you know you can customize it and can show the day and month names as well?

Here is a small tutorial which will tell you how to customize the date shown in system tray in Windows 7:

1. Type intl.cpl in RUN or start menu search box and press Enter. It'll open Regional and Language Options window.

2. Now click on "Addition Settings" button.

3. Go to "Date" tab and you'll see the value of "Short date" will be set to dd-MM-yyyy.

You can customize it to show day and month names. Here:

d stands for day

m stands for month

y stands for year

You can use these 3 alphabets to customize the date. Following are some examples of customized date:

d-m-y will show 10-1-9

dd-mm-yy will show 10-01-09

ddd-mmm-yyy will show Sat-Jan-2009

dddd-mmmm-yyyy will show Saturday-January-2009

I hope you got the idea behind it. You can use any of the above combination to customize the date format. For example you can use:

ddd dd-MMM-yyyy

To show:

Sat 10-Jan-2009

4. You can also change the separator - to some other symbol or can remove it completely like ddd dd MMM yyyy

5. Once you finish customizing the date format, click on Apply button and you have done


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