Friday, 8 August 2014

Copy, Erase, Edit or Translate the texts within images using Google Chrome.

Erase the Text from Images.

To erase the text from an image, just select the desired text and in right click context menu select the Erase Text Option from Translate main menu. The Plugin intelligently captures the colours from the areas around the text and fills the gaps of deleted letters.

image thumb How to Copy, Erase, Edit or Translate the texts within images using Google Chrome.

The extension uses various technologies, including algorithms OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Microsoft, Google libraries to identify the characters of different alphabets in almost all images analyzed.

A problem with the extension is that it can not identify all texts of an image, and even selectable can sometimes be interpreted in the wrong way. For example in the above shown sample image, the application failed to erase the Texts 800 Km, and 1200 Km. Moreover the plugin doesn’t support the vertically arranged texts.

The programmer and brain behind the extension Kevin Kwok says that, the plugin will shortly receive new updates to fix these flaws and a version for Mozilla Firefox . You can download the Project Naptha Plugin from Google Chrome Store .


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