Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Troubleshooting Computer Memory

Following are some memory failure scenarios and respective solutions

Computer Fails To Boot: Many times your computer memory chips get loosened so you have to make sure that memory modules are completely installed. Also check your RAM chips when you have installed them for the first time.
Computer Boots Up With a Blank Screen: You may have loose memory chips and you may be using some different type of memory which isn’t compatible with your system. You need to check you VGA card as well if you see this type of problem.
Computer hangs and reboot: This type of problem is generally caused by faulty RAM, faulty PSU or overheating. Reseat RAM and rotate RAM to different slots. Make sure you removed any old video drives from your system before adding new one.
3 Short Beeps: This certainly means some RAM issue like bad dim slots on the motherboard or faulty RAM chips. Try replacing them with new RAM.
All Memory not recognized: On some boards like MSI, Gigabyte, and ASUS users get some problem where memory is not recognized properly. You need to get support by your vendor to get it rectified. For other systems you might have used wrong memory type or your slots are faulty.
Two Best Memory Checking Softwares

Hope that above solutions will help to solve your computer memory related problems.


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