Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Download Movies Subtitles Automatically Using Media Player Classic

The solution which will make your life easier. If you are using a Codec pack like K-Lite codec pack then you might have used "Media Player Classic" software which comes bundled with many popular codec packs. We'll use the same Media Player Classic (MPC) software in this tutorial. You can download K-Lite codec pack or standalone version of Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic comes with a built-in option to automatically download subtitles for any movie or video clip which you are currently playing in the software. You can use following steps to turn this option on:

1. Open Media Player Classic and play your desired movie or video clip.

2. Now click on "File -> Subtitle database -> Download" option.

3. It'll automatic search for the subtitles and will show you a list of all subtitles available for that movie.

4. Just select the desired subtitle and use it.

5. The software uses a built-in URL to search and download subtitles. You can replace this default Subtitle database URL with your desired URL if you want.

Simply go to "View -> Options", click on "Subtitles -> Database" and change the URL in right-side pane with any other URL. Click on "Test" button to check whether it is a valid URL or not.

6. That's it. Now you can easily download Subtitles for any movie or video using Media Player Classic softwa


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