Thursday, 29 May 2014

Fix User Folders Glass Icons Changed to Default Yellow Icons in Windows Vista

Windows Vista users are facing a strange problem and after getting lots of emails regarding the same problem, today I decided to post a working solution for this problem.

The problem is, the glassy icons of User folders automatically change into default yellow folder icons in Windows Vista.

Look at the following screenshot which shows how the actual user folders icons look in Vista. You can access them using "%userprofile%" command in Start Menu searchbox or RUN dialog box or just click on your username showing in Start Menu (just below the user picture):

sometimes these glass icons (all or some) change to default yellow folder icons. It happens when "Desktop.ini" file becomes corrupted or gets deleted. Actually all these special glass icons are displayed using "desktop.ini" file which is present in each folder. By default, its a hidden file. Sometimes a few software make this file corrupt or delete it and that's why these folders start showing simple yellow folder icon.

The solution is very simple. Just replace "desktop.ini" file present in the corrupt folder with the default one. The default "desktop.ini" file for each folder is given below. Just download following ZIP file, extract it and copy the default desktop.ini file and paste it in the folder which is showing corrupt icon.Windows will ask to overwrite the existing file, select "Copy & Replace".

After replacing the file, log off or end task of Explorer from Task Manager and you'll be able to see new glassy icons again.


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