Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Add Your Favorite Program Shortcut in Desktop Context Menu- Win XP

Here are the steps:-

1. Copy your favorite application's EXE file from its own folder (like winamp.exe, firefox.exe, etc) to following folder:


2. Now take a backup of helpctr.exe file in that folder and then delete the file. Now give the same name to your copied EXE file. (i.e., first delete helpctr.exe file and then rename your copied EXE file (like winamp.exe) to helpctr.exe ).

3. Now the final part. Open Shell32.dll file in Resource Hacker and go to: Menu -> 215. In right-side pane, add following line to anywhere you want to add the shortcut

You can replace "Media Player" to some other text if you want.

4. Now compile the file and save it, and finally replace Shell32.dll file with this modified one.

After restarting the system, you can see a new shortcut in the context menu for your desired application .


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