Friday, 11 April 2014

Find Out the Date and Time When Windows was Installed in Your Computer?

Here is an interesting tip for our readers! Recently an AskVG reader "Arif034" asked us following question via email:

This method is the easiest method to have an approximate idea of date and time of Windows installation

1. Open Windows Explorer and go to the drive containing the installed operating system. Generally its C: drive in most of the systems.

2. Now either change the folder view type to details or right-click on a folder such as Program Files or Windows and select Properties.


3. It'll open folder properties window. Here you can see the folder created date and time. Its almost the same date and time when Windows was installed in your computer.

But there is a slight problem in this method. Since Windows Vista release, Microsoft changed the installation type of Windows to image based which means the setup installer just extracts the required files to your hard drive. So many times the date and time of folder creation will not be the installation date and time of Windows but it'll be the date and time when Microsoft created the Windows image for the setup.

But there is a workaround for this problem! You can check out the folder creation date of your user account folder which is present in "Documents and Settings" or "Users" folder.


Since this folder is created by Windows setup at the time of installation, its creation date and time will be almost the same as of Windows installation.

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