Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Scam Alert: Naked Friend

If you’re a Facebook user you’re most likely aware that scams hit your newsfeed literally on a routine. Thereextremely may be a new one almost each day, and that they appear to induce additional insidious all the time.

The latest scam to hit the Facebook world is that the “Naked Friend” scam, and it works one thing like this:

1 – You see either a post or an advertisement that includes the profile image of one} of your friends in conjunction with a message telling you to click a link to look at a video that includes your friend sans clothing.
2 – You click the link (either out of curiosity or as a result of you wish to warn your friend).
3 – As before long as you click the link, you’ll be redirected to a faux web site that appears specifically like Facebook. Malicious code thereon web site can commit to transfer a deadly disease to your laptop.
4 – If your security code won’t let the virus through, the infected web site can pop up a message onto your screen telling you that you simply got to update Adobe Flash Player before you'll watch the video. If you click the button to put in the update, your laptop can become infected with a deadly disease.

If you see a “Naked Friend” post/ad anyplace on the page, don't click it. And there’s no reason to tell your friend as a result of his/her profile was merely chosen randomly from your friends list. that they had nothing to therefore with the scam and their account has not been hacked.
Bottom line: always assume “Safety First” whenever you’re on the net, which goes double for Facebook. Take all posts, ads and messages with a grain of salt.

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