Monday, 3 March 2014

Mac and iOS major security fix

iOS and OS X devices -- this is a security update you can't afford to ignore- a bug fix that prevents third parties from intercepting and fiddling with activity on an iOS device.

without the update, the system does not check SSL/TLS hostnames, so connections that should be encrypted are left wide open.

here's how to find it:
Go to Settings > General > Software Update. Those running iOS 7 will see the 7.0.6 update, while those running iOS 6 on older devices (including the iPhone 3GS and the 4th-gen iPod Touch) will see the iOS 6.1.6 update. Tap "Install Now" to get the update.

Once you've updated, the Software Update screen will indicate that "Your software is up to date."

Apple also released an OS X Mavericks system update Tuesday that patches the same hole that allows "an attacker" to "capture or modify data" transferred with Safari, Mail, iCloud and other Apple-created applications, according to Apple.

here's how tp get it 
open the Mac menu (the Apple logo), and click "Software Update.

The Mac App Store will launch, and you'll see the system update, along with other app updates. Choose to update the Software Updates, or Topics:Security, Smartphones Tags:iPad, Mavericks, iPhone, iPod 
Touch, security, Mac OS X, iOS 7, iOSclick "Update All" to install all listed updates, including apps.

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