Friday, 21 March 2014

Get Rid of All Caps Tab Titles in Microsoft Office 2013 Ribbon

Get rid of the annoying all caps tab titles in Ribbon, following steps will definitely help you:

1. Open any Office 2013 application to start with. For example, open Microsoft Word 2013.

2. Now right-click on any tab title and select "Customize the Ribbon" option as shown in following screenshot:

Alternatively you can also access the same option by going to "File -> Options -> Customize Ribbon".

3. It'll open a new window where you can customize Office 2013 Ribbon UI. You can create new tabs, groups and you can rename existing tabs.

4. Right-click on a desired tab and select "Rename" option or click on the desired tab and click on "Rename" button given at the bottom of the window.

5. It'll open a new dialog box where you can change the name of the tab. Now the tricky part comes. Since the tab name is already in proper case, you can't set the same name again. Its by design that Office 2013 shows tab titles in all caps although the tab names are not set in all caps.

Now you have 2 options. Either you can change tab names to any of your desired names or you can put a blank space after tab names. By putting extra blank space after tab name, you are actually changing the tab name and Office 2013 will show the tab title in proper case. Since you added blank space in name, it'll not affect the tab title and will not show anything weird in tabs.

6. Repeat the same step for all tab titles. Just put a blank space at the end of each tab name to rename the tabs in proper case. Once you complete the process, click on OK button and you'll get the tab titles in proper case.

7. If you want to restore default all caps tab titles in future, you can click on "Reset all customizations" option given in customize ribbon window. It'll restore all default tab names.

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