Monday 31 March 2014

Convert audio to ringtones using OS X Terminal

For a full list of options you can run "afconvert -h" in the Terminal, or run "afconvert -hf" to view a list of the audio file formats supported by this utility. One of these is the m4r (MPeg-4 Ringtone) format, which is the format that can be used as a ringtone.

Now with your desired audio file on hand, cropped and otherwise prepared, open the OS X Terminal application (in the Applications > Utilities folder) and perform the following steps:

Type the following command, followed by a single space (do not press Enter yet):
afconvert -f m4af

Drag the audio file from its location in Finder to Terminal, and you should see a full path to the file appear.

Now drag the file to Terminal again to enter another full path to it, but this time press delete to remove the filename suffix, and replace it with ".m4r," so the command will look something like the following (in this example, the initial file is an mp3):

afconvert -f m4af /path/to/file.mp3 /path/to/file.m4r

Press Enter to execute the command, and a new file in the .m4r format will be placed in the same location as the original.

Once this procedure is done, drag the new .m4r file into iTunes, and it should show up in the ringtones section of your iTunes library. From here, you can sync it with your iPhone or iPad, and then access it in the Sounds section of your iPhone's settings to use it for various notifications.

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