Wednesday, 26 March 2014

5 Facebook Cleaning Tips

Here are 5 ways that to declutter your Facebook presence -- from purging friends and pages from your news feed to change your notifications and privacy settings.

1. Unfollow a friend's posts
Everyone has a minimum of one annoying Facebook friend who posts too often, shares too several photos, or incites too many arguments. once this friend's posts seem in your news feed, hover over one, click the menu, and choose "Unfollow." This user's posts can now not seem in your news feed -- a perfect resolution for people you'd rather manage than unfriend.

2. Hide specific posts
Suppose one in every of your acquaintances provides birth and announces the baby's arrival on Facebook. you'll don't have any interest during this post, however thanks to all the likes and comments that others post, it keeps showing high in your news feed. Luckily, there is a simple thanks to nix the matter.

3. produce and type lists
Friend lists are a simple thanks to read posts from solely the individuals you would like. for instance, if you like to ascertain a feed of solely the news organizations you follow and updates from bound friends. you'll be able to also produce lists to limit the types of posts you see in your news feed from entire teams of individuals.

4. Manage your notifications
If Facebook sends you too many (or too few) alerts once one thing happens on the social network -- like once a devotee tags you during a pic, likes your standing, or adds you as a devotee -- you'll be able to tweak all of those in your Notifications Settings. To find it, click the world icon at the highest of your page, then click the Notifications link.

5. Use view as to ascertain what others see
Friend lists and privacy settings may be confusing and tedious to manage. If {you're|you are} ever unsure concerning what components of your profile are visible to that of your friends, use the hold feature to seek out out. If you discover one thing that you just wish to cover, visit your Activity Log to get rid of it or modification the setting.

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