Monday, 17 February 2014

Deauthorize Google Play Music devices

If you have reached your 10-device limit on Google Play Music, you'll have to deauthorize a tool so as to permit a brand new one to access the service.

Google permits you to use the Google Play Music service on up to ten totally different devices together with your account. If you have reached your device limit and need to feature a brand new device, you'll have to deauthorize Associate in Nursing recent one before being allowed to feature another device.
There ar 2 ways that to deauthorize devices from your account: employing a application program or through the Google Play Music mechanical man app. The device management feature was simply else to the mechanical man app on, therefore we'll begin there.

Deauthorize from Android
From your Google Play Music Android app, go to Settings, then select My devices. If you don't see My devices, make sure you're running the latest version of the app. Tap on the "X" next to the device you want to deauthorize, then tap the Deauthorize button to confirm.Deauthorize from Android 

Deauthorize from Android

Deauthorize from the Web
To deauthorize a device from your Google Plays Music account using a browser, go to Google Play Music Settings. In the Manage My Devices section, click the Deauthorize link next to the device you want to remove, then click on the Deauthorize button to confirm.

Deauthorize from Web

Deauthorize from Web
That's it. Keep in mind that the iOS version of Google Play Music has not been updated with device management, so iOS users will need to use the Web browser method to deauthorize devices for now.

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