Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Change name : Gmail | Yahoo Mail | Outlook.com

Change your name in Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook.com

You can change the From: name in your Web e-mail accounts. We'll show you how to change it in Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook.com.

When you signed up for a new Web e-mail account, you probably filled out your account profile and entered your real name. When you send e-mails with that account, your real name is displayed in the From: field of the e-mail header.

You may, however, want to change your name so that only your first name is displayed for privacy reasons, or use a completely different name just for fun. All three of the major Web e-mail providers (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook.com) offer a way to change your name.

Step 1: Click on the gear icon, then select Settings

Step 2: Click on the Accounts tab, then under the Send mail as: section, click on the "edit info" link.

Step 3: Enter a new name in the box and make sure the radio button for the new name is selected. Click on the Save Changes button to save.

Yahoo Mail
Step 1: Click on the gear icon, then select Settings

Step 2: Go to the Account tab, then under the Yahoo account section, click on the Edit button.

Step 3: Enter a new name in the Sending Name box, then click Save. Click Save again to save your new settings.

Step 1: Click on the gear icon, then select More mail settings

Step 2: Under Managing your account, click on Account details.

Step 3: When your Account summary shows up, click on the "Edit display name" link under your name.

Step 4: Enter a new first and last name, then click Save. Unlike Gmail and Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com requires a first and last name.

Your new name should now show up in the From: field in all new e-mails. E-mails from the official mobile apps should also use your new name. If they're not, try logging out of the apps, then logging back in.

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