Sunday, 2 February 2014

Change direction in Mavericks

Third party drivers and mouse hardware could hide the setting to revert Apple's reversed "Natural" scroll direction setting in OS X.

When Apple introduced its "Natural" scrolling direction possibility in OS X to mimic the touch-based swiping on the iPhone and iPad, it additionally enclosed a system preference setting to revert this, must you would like to use classic scrolling behavior. whereas this feature offers most users the selection to revert to a behavior they'd like, it should not add all things, particularly once employing a mouse as associate degree data input device, rather than Apple's multi-touch trackpad.
In some cases, the setting can be out there within the Mouse pane of System Preferences, however after you check it or after you shut the system preferences, the setting reverts. At different times, the setting could merely not be gift in the least.
If the checkbox to revert scroll behavior is missing, then there could also be a conflict between your mouse and therefore the driver package getting used in OS X. If you have got put in the driving force package that came along with your mouse, then attempt change it to the most recent version from the manufacturer's computing machine. identical applies to the utilization of third-party input management package and drivers, like higher bit Tool and USB Overdrive.

Alternatively you'll be able to attempt uninstalling the driving force to visualize if victimisation Apple's integral drivers alone brings the scroll setting back.

If you're presently victimisation solely Apple's drivers and this setting is missing, then you may attempt the third-party drivers for your mouse, to visualize if they properly acknowledge its scrolling capabilities and provides you settings to regulate them.

While adjusting your system's driver configuration in these ways in which could spur the system to relinquish you the scroll direction setting once more, an alternate that works even as well is to do forcing the system to invert the scrolling behavior.

One approach to the current is to undo all third-party mice then use associate degree Apple mouse with the system to hopefully reveal the setting, then toggle it to your preferences. Then switch mice once more to visualize if the setting maintains. The second approach is to use the OS X Terminal to line the scroll direction to your feeling. This approach may additionally overcome issues wherever you have got the setting within the system preferences, however it reverts or otherwise doesn't stick.

To do this, open Terminal, in the Applications > Utilities folder, and run the following command:
defaults write -g -bool FALSE

To reverse this setting, repeat the command but use "TRUE" instead of "FALSE" as the final argument. 
Now check the setting by running the following command to read it back to you:
defaults read -g

The output of this command should give you a 0 for false (which indicates classic scrolling), or a 1 for true (natural scrolling). After this setting has been changed, if the change does not take effect immediately, then log out and log back in to your account.

Sometimes because of preference caching behaviors in OS X Mavericks, some settings changes in programs, system preferences, or even those invoked by the "defaults" command in Terminal may not stick. If this is the case, when you use the second command above to read the setting, it may still show as reverting to the system default. If this occurs, then open Activity Monitor and search for the process called "cfprefsd."

There will likely be one such process running under the "root" account, and others running under the accounts of each logged-in user. Locate the one for your account, and then select and force-quit it. When done, try using Terminal to again invoke the settings change, and hopefully this time it will stick.

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