Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Battery bar add to Android screen

                       Energy Bar for Android

Energy Bar for mechanical man provides you a brand new thanks to check your battery standing by adding a skinny bar at the highest of the screen.

Battery standing icons on Android  devices are not all that exciting and typically do exactly one factor -- because the battery drains, the battery meter goes down, presumably ever-changing colours on the manner. Some devices, just like the Samsung Galaxy S4, conjointly enable you to show the battery share next to the icon.

Energy Bar for Android  devices provides a brand new thanks to visualize your Android  devices's battery standing. Its battery meter could be a skinny bar that runs across the highest of your screen. It's visible from inside any app, together with full-screen apps, and may be designed to alter colours because the battery level changes. As Droid Life mentions, it is a feature that is been offered with custom ROMs however will currently be used on any mechanical man device while not having to root.

In Energy Bar's settings, you'll be able to amendment the thickness of the bar, the origin (left, center, or right) and behavior choices. Swiping the screen to the left reveals the bar's color choices. If you decide on multiple colours, you'll be able to set individual colours in 20 percent increments.

                         Energy Bar for Android settings

When you are done customizing Energy Bar, click "Activate!" within the upper-right corner, then faucet on the "X." you must currently see a awfully refined bar at the highest of your screen

                        Energy Bar for Android status

Another neat factor that Energy Bar will is pulsate once you have obstructed your mechanical man device certain charging. it is a helpful indicator that allows you to understand that it's obstructed in and charging properly.

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