Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Time-saving tips for the New Year


Time is very important. Thus, it is crucial to save time in technology-dependent world. In this tutorial, we are giving you some tips to stay productive.


1. There is a video given by a writer David Pogue called 5-minute talk at TED 2013. This video described 10 ways to save time. The two most important tips are press the spacebar to scroll down a web page and press the spacebar two times for entering a period at the end of a sentence on your phone and tablet.

2. Adopt cloud storage services to save your important stuff and stop taking system backups. Also, you can take temporary backup of your files and then email them to yourself.

3. Set your Windows to update automatically. Also, you can’t stop all software updates from popping up reminders but you can close them for a while.

4. You can use file’s own formatting tools by pressing Alt, E, S to open the Paste Special dialog and then arrow up to Unformatted Text and press “Enter.” You can choose the Format Painter to reformat text quickly.

5. Use the services like Find My iPhone or LocateMyDroid to find your phone’s location. If you have misplaced your phone then you can dial it with another phone. And, if you don’t have other phone then you can use web services to call your number. For this use the service like Phonemyphone.

6. You can use the service called PiratePad that allows two and more people to work on a same text file simultaneously. This will increase the efficiency of your work.

7. Furthermore, you can use Temporary Site Blocker to keep you away from your favorite sites when you are working. After installing the extension, click the extension to activate it and choose the “Temporary Site Blocker” and click “Enable Site Blocking.” Then go to the site you want to block and select “temporary Site Blocker” again and click “Block this site.”

Therefore, be more productive within less time using the above tips.
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