Monday, 6 January 2014

Three privacy-focused browsers compared


If you love to go online then safety should be your priority.  You must know which browser is safe and secure. As per the NSS Labs' 2013 Browser Security Comparative Analysis, Internet Explorer tops the charts. In some other reports, Firefox topped the charts. 


Here, we are discussing the three browsers that can be considered safe:
SRWare Iron- It doesn’t share any information with Google unlike Chrome.
Comodo Dragon- It offers other security and private features.
Dooble- It doesn’t resemble with Chrome at all and have distinct tabbed interface.
Apart from this, one thing is common that all these browsers run JavaScript and accept third-party cookies. Allowing JavaScript site-by-site is not a big irritation. For disabling JavaScript and blocking third-party cookies in Chrome, click “Settings” icon available in the top right corner of the browser window and choose “Settings.” Then scroll and select “Show advanced settings” and click “Content Settings” button under Privacy. Below “Cookies”, choose "Block third-party cookies and site data” and select the option of “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript” given under JavaScript. After that, click “Done.”

SRWare Iron

It has three other advantages that are built-in ad blocker, an easy-to-customize User Agent, and 12 preview thumbnails. But, its default settings allow third-party cookies. Apart from sharing information with Google, it doesn’t have any other advantage over Chrome.

Comodo Dragon

It has built-in Web Inspector and PrivDog features available on the right side of the address bar. With WebInspector, you can perform an online scan of the current page for malware and malicious activity. 

Block and unblock privacy threats in various categories using PrivDog feature. Also, you get 10GB of free online storage. Talking about its advanced security features, phishing and malware protection are there. Using its “Clear at exit” button, you can delete your browsing and download history, cookies and other stuff.


It avoids Google Chrome interference in the settings and it uses HTTPS by default. But, when you actually test it you will find the option unchecked. Dooble lets JavaScripts run for opening alerts, hiding the menu bar or opening a new window. Along with blocking third-party cookies, you can allow those cookies that are already accepted or customize the list of cookie-blocking exceptions. By disabling all JavaScripts, you can add sites to your exceptions list.

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