Monday, 27 January 2014

Separate “Devices and Drives” Section in Windows 8.1 Explorer

Now and then another characteristic or little change in a programming purpose may turn into an enormous vexation for closure clients and Windows 8.1 is a living case of this. 

In past Windows forms, for example, Windows 7, Vista or XP, Hard circle drives, optical drives (Cd/dvd drives) and removable drives (USB drives, memory cards, and so forth) used to show in differentiate classes under My Computer window. Hard plate allotments used to show under "Hard Disk Drives" segment and Cd/dvd drives and USB gadgets used to show under "Devices with Removable Storage" area in Windows Explorer as indicated in accompanying screenshot: 

Be that as it may in Windows 8.1 Explorer or "This PC", Microsoft has joined together both segments into a solitary segment "Devices and Drives". Right away all hard plate drives, USB mechanisms, Cd/dvd drives are indicated under a solitary classification. This change is creating issues for numerous clients. 

Some of the time it truly gets bothering when we append USB drives, memory cards or versatile telephones to our workstations and their drive symbols show up at the top or really busy existing drives in Windows 8.1 Explorer. It looks irregular and reasons troubles in figuring out the apparatuses in My Computer window. 

Sadly there is no known approach to differentiate or unmerge "Hard circle drives" and "Devices with removable space" areas in Windows 8.1 Explorer. 

In any case today in this point, we are set to impart a basic workaround to conquer this issue. You can take assistance of an inherent assembly by sort "File System" in Windows 8.1 Explorer to divide hard circle drives, Cd/dvd drives and removable drives. 

Really a large portion of the hard circle drives are designed in NTFS record framework and Cd/dvd drives have diverse index frameworks. Additionally a large portion of the removable drives, for example, USB drives, memory cards are organized in Fat32 document framework. So when we set aggregation by sort to "File System" in Windows 8.1 Explorer, it'll indicate each of the 3 sorts of drives in differentiate areas and that is the thing that we needed. 

In the event that you are prepared to change the aggregation by sort, essentially take after these basic steps: 

1. Open Windows 8.1 Explorer or "This PC" window, right-click on empty area and click on "Group by -> More..." option.

2. It'll open "Choose Details" window. Now enable "File System" checkbox and click on OK button.

3. Now again right-click on empty area and select "Group by -> File System" option.

4. That's it. Now Windows 8.1 Explorer will show hard disk drives, CD/DVD drives and devices with removable storage in separate sections.

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