Thursday, 2 January 2014

Install any version of Windows using any Windows disc you can find


Want to reinstall Windows 7? But, have you lost your recovery disc?? Then here is the solution.


For this, you need Windows ISO file as well as the free Ei.cfg Removal Utility. Basically, the latter one deletes a key present inside the former so that you can install any version of Windows. Both Windows 7 and Windows 8 installation discs are designed to match up with their product key as they are version-specified. Thus, here comes the role of Ei.cfg Removal Utility that can create a “universal” Windows ISO for installing matching version of your product key.
To keep it simple, take your friend’s install DVD, copy the ISO file from it to your hard drive and then run Ei.cfg. After that, put that tweaked ISO on a flash drive using Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. Now, just start from the flash drive and select the version of Windows you want to install. Enter your license key and you are ready to go.
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