Sunday, 26 January 2014

How to use Keynote to control...Keynote on iOS, Mac

Regulating a presentation from over the room simply got a great deal less demanding with the most recent overhaul for Keynote on ios. 

Rather than obliging an alternate application to control Keynote presentations from an alternate apparatus, Apple overhauled Keynote on ios to go about as a remote. 

Keeping in mind the end goal to get the remote usefulness to work, there's some additional steps you'll have to tackle your ios apparatus, and your Mac. 

When you can control a presentation on an alternate gadget (Mac or ios), you'll have to empower remote control. To empower it on a Mac, launch Keynote and click on File > Preferences. From that point, select the Remotes segment and check the crate to empower the characteristic. 

On ios, you'll have to start a presentation and afterward tap on the settings symbol (the torque) and select Presentation Tools > Allow Remote Control; flip the switch to the on position. 

In the wake of empowering the capacity to utilize a remote control with Keynote, you will associate the two units to each other. For ios mechanisms either an imparted Wi-Fi system or Bluetooth association is needed. To control a presentation on a Mac from an ios mechanism, just an imparted Wi-Fi system will work. 

With a specific end goal to utilize one ios mechanism to control Keynote on an alternate ios unit, tap on the remote symbol on the fundamental screen in Keynote on the apparatus you need to go about as a remote. Accompany the prompts to make the gadget accessible (showed by an enlivened blue dab amidst your screen). On the mechanism you need to have the slideshow shown on, launch the slideshow and explore to the same settings screen where you beforehand empowered remotes. There you will see the remote mechanism recorded (envisioned previously). Tap on Link and check the same security code is shown on both mechanisms. 

To utilize an ios gadget as a remote for a presentation on a Mac, start the ios application and tap on the remote symbol. Once more, take after the prompts until the blue speck is enlivened, showing your mechanism is accessible. On the Mac explore over to Remotes settings in inclination and click on "Link" placed beside the gadget you'd jump at the chance to use as a remote (imagined previously). Affirm the security code. 

When apparatuses are interfaced, launch the presentation and on the remote gadget, tap the remote symbol accompanied by the huge green play bind.

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