Monday, 23 December 2013

Rebuild mailboxes to fix incorrect handling of Mail messages in OS X


With Apple’s Mail application, you can manage e-mail from a number of services like POP and IMAP accounts. But, sometimes this application can give you some odd behaviors. 


These behaviors include:

Deleted messages reappear- Sometimes deleted or removed messages reappear after quitting or launching Mail again.

Message “cannot be found” errors- While moving or deleting messages, you may get a warning that “message cannot be found”.

Blank mail messages- When you locate some messages and then try to view them, you may get a blank message with no content.

Incorrect message counts- It sometimes shows incorrect figure of total messages.

For handling messages properly, all the messages in the mailbox are indexed and you should use this index for checking the total number of messages in each mailbox. It contains the details of unread files, read files, etc.

If this index is damaged then the Mail may give incorrect statistics as well as it is not able to handle messages. So, you can rebuild your mailbox to correct these errors.

For rebuilding the index, hold “Shift or Command” keys to choose your mailbox and then select “Rebuild” from the bottom of the Mailbox menu. This will recreate the index of selected mailboxes.

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