Thursday, 26 December 2013

How to quickly create a Dock spacer in OS X?


Whether you want to keep commonly-used applications or links of your favorite folders, you can create Dock spacer in your OS X. Also, it can contain windows that you have minimized. You can easily organize items on it and resize them as per your need.


There is a separator in Dock that can separate various items available in the Dock. If you have other items in the Dock then you can add a spacer to the Dock. For this, create a fake application in the Finder and then replace it with a transparent image.
Step 1: Create and copy a transparent image to the clipboard:

1. Press “Shift-Control-Command-4” and click and drag the selected screenshot that has saved to the clipboard.

2. Now, open “Preview” and press “command-N” to create a new image from the clipboard contents.

3. Press “Command- A” to choose the image and press “Delete” to clear the contents.

4. Press “Command- A” again to select the empty image and press “Command- C” to copy it.

Step 2: Create a fake application with the empty image as an icon

1. In the Finder, create a new folder and name it by adding ".app" as the suffix.

2. To change the name, confirm it.

3. You can get the information on the new folder. Click the icon available at the top of the info window and press “Command-V” to paste the empty image to the clipboard which you have copied from Preview.
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