Thursday, 7 November 2013

The top 5 reasons to upgrade to Windows 8.1


You must have seen the preview of Windows 8.1. This time Microsoft has given us new-look OS after Windows 8. You will find the modern UI far less jarring than before.


Here are given 5 most important reasons to upgrade to Windows 8.1:

Better desktop
This time Windows 8.1 is much more pleasant for keyboard jockeys. It is introducing boot-to-desktop as well as Start button again with a Live Tile. Windows 8.1 is not bringing major changes and thus, it will be difficult to persuade Windows 7 lovers to upgrade.

Very Seamless overall

One of the major complaints that Windows 8 users had was the interaction of desktop and modern UI. Now, Windows 8.1 is better with less intrusive experience. With the revamped Start button, you can carry your desktop background over to the Start screen. Thus, UI is more user-friendly than before.

Outstanding app snapping 

Another advantage of Windows 8.1 is the Snap function through which you can open multiple modern-style apps simultaneously. In this, you can get as many as four apps snapped on a single screen. Also, you can alter the size of snapped windows. 

Organized search results
Also, Windows 8.1 Smart Search is out of the world. Instead of separating search results into distinct apps, settings and files categories, Windows 8.1 keep everything into a cohesive search results page. It gives results from other apps also including SkyDrive, Bing Web search, and the Video and Music apps. This makes its search versatile as well as helpful. 

More to explore

The preview of Windows 8.1 is packed with tons of hidden features. You can find something new and interesting in every corner. A lot more is available in Windows 8.1 to explore. Whether it is Miracast streaming to 3D printer support or Photosynth-style panoramas in the Camera app, you have lot of features buried in the new Windows 8.1.
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