Wednesday, 6 November 2013

How to report spam and other violations on Twitter?


Whenever you find anything wrong on social networking sites like Facebook, you directly report spam that stuff. Now, Twitter has also made report spam easy for you. How? Then have a look on this tutorial.



For reporting an abusive tweet or anything which you are finding wrong, go to the tweet in question. This you can do either by finding it in your timeline or through a direct link to the tweet or by another user’s profile page. Then go to “More” button in the lower left corner of the tweet and click it. Now, select “Report Tweet” from the resulting menu. After this, Twitter will pop up a box asking you that whether the tweet is spam or person’s account was compromised or it violates another rule. You can specify your report.
Furthermore, choose the appropriate button and select whether you want to block and unfollow the account in question. Finally press “Submit.” In case, you have selected “Abusive” from the list then the “Submit” button changes to “Next” button. And, twitter will ask you for additional information related to that abusive tweet.
If you want to block someone through twitter smartphone app then it is also possible. This app works in a similar manner as it works on mobile. By tapping any tweet in your timeline, tap the “More” button and then tap “Report Tweet.”


After that, this app will ask you about the problem and you can step into the reporting process from there. Tap the “Submit” button after selecting the appropriate option. On choosing abusive tweet, the “Submit” button will change into “Next” button. Twitter will ask you certain questions about the tweet. At the end, Twitter will review your report after your submission and then take action against it. Blocking the account is really helpful.

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